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Death of the Curse - Lucky old Dink finally breaks the 30 year curse.
Brownbagger Fest 2016 - Several of us Brownbaggers gathered for our first get together since the early 90’s.
Targeting 10LB+ Browns - Earlier this winter I caught this 10 LB.+ hookjaw right after ice-out.
Winding It Down... - My fishing career and has been a wonderful journey
Recruitment of Young Bull Trout into the Metolius River and Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon - Don Yow with the Oregon State Record Bull Trout at 23 LB. 2 oz.
Update on the LBC Bull Trout Fishery - I’m holding a clients monster 18 LB. bull from the Spring of 2007. Many big bulls were caught in the late 2000’s.
Southern Oregon Coast Trip - The Cabela’s display of the World Record and Oregon State Record Kokanee.
What if You Finally Hook That Big Trout? - Do you have a plan? You should... here are some things to consider.
Trophy Trout Profile: The Hahns - Ed “Pops” Hahn with his favorite photo of him with his big gerrard buck from Lake Pend Oreille. The monster weighed 20 LB. 5 oz.
The Creation of a future Brown Bagger - Andy Rose caught this killer 12 Lb.+ hookjaw brown from Paulina Lake recently. To get into the club he still needs another over 10 LBS
Trophy Trout Profile: John Hofferd - John with a beautiful 14.5 LB. Paulina Lake hen brown.
Trophy Trout Profile: John Krmpotich - Krmp with his best brown trout. The big hen weighed over 16 LB. and was his fourth over 10 LBS. in only a couple of years!
Trophy Trout Profile: Mike Sadar - Mike with a big 32 LB. Flaming Gorge laker.
A Storied Fishery - Josh Stokes caught and released this 36 in. gerrard rainbow from Pend Oreille Lake back on Oct. 19, 1997.
Great Bear Lake and the Biggest Trout of All! - Mike Sadar with the biggest laker of the trip at 40 LB. and over 45 inches long.
Trophy Trout Profile: Chuck Jones - Chuck with his personal best brown trout. The big hen weighed 19 LB. 7 oz.
Planer Board Magic - This article was written for a couple of years ago. My buddy and guide, Lance Fisher, asked me to write something about using planer boards for catching the massive, wild, native gerrard rainbows. I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn something new.
The Tree River and its Monster Artic Char - Mike Sadar with his “world class” arctic char from the Tree River. The big male beast was estimated at 26 LB.+ and was released after some photos.
2 for 1 DVD Sale
Trophy Trout Profile: Jim Bringhurst - Jim with his last big brown over 10 LB. The big hen was caught from Lower Twin Lake a few years ago and weighed 16 LB. 5 oz
2 for 1 DVD Sale
2 For 1 DVD Sale - Normally, these DVD’s are $9.95 ea. but for a limited time, you can get 2 for the price of 1! Don’t pass up this great deal.
Trophy Trout Profile: Allan Cole
Trophy Trout Profile: Allan Cole - Allan holding a gorgeous 11 LB.+ hen brown with the beautiful, snow capped Uinta Mountains in the background.
Trophy Trout Profile: Jon Minami
Trophy Trout Profile: Jon Minami - Jon with his 26 LB.+ State Record Brown from 1983. He was one of the “hot sticks” back then who inspired me to chase after big browns.
Fishing For The Biggest Trout In South America
Fishing For The Biggest Trout In South America - Join TTG contributor, Mike Sadar, on this epic trip for giant rainbows and monster sea-run browns.
The Quest for the Biggest
Brook Trout on the Planet!
The Quest for the Biggest Brook Trout on the Planet! - Read this excellent article by Mike Sadar on the pursuit of giant brook trout.
The Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to Flaming Gorge
The Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to Flaming Gorge - Read Mike Sadar’s exciting story on trophy laker fishing at one of the best spots in the U.S.
Farewell Dave Rossberg
Farewell Dave Rossberg - Dave was dealt a tough hand. He was involved in a serious accident several years back and then his diabetes had progressed to a serious level and he needed dialysis every other day for 4-5 hours.
Kootenay Continued
Kootenay Continued - Rick and John just got back from their recent fall adventure at Kootenay Lake.
Billy Chinook Bull Trout
Don Ratcliff Article on Bull Trout at Lake Billy Chinook - Good friend, Don Ratliff, sent us this excellent article on the current state of the bull trout fishery at Lake Bill Chinook. It appeared in the May, 2012 issue of Salmon, Trout, Steelheader magazine and is a great read!
American Outdoorsman
American Outdoorsman Episode - Hey all you TTG fans! Here is a "Blast from the Past." I had the privilege of being filmed for an American Outdoorsman TV program a few years back. Join host, Mark Tobin, and myself for some phenomenal bull trout fishing at Lake Billy Chinook. We got some great footage of bulls to 11 LB.! This is a must see for all you trophy trout junkies!
Rick's Trophy Mounts
Rick’s Trophy Mounts - constantly evolving and raising our level of detail and craftsmanship. No one works harder to give you that unique mount that captures your fish. Be sure to check out our taxidermy page to see our photo galleries and read the customer testimonies. The above photo of a cutt, rainbow and brown mount order we did for Colorado customer Brad Brooks.
Kootenay III Article
Kootenay III - Rick and the Dinkmeister just returned from an epic two week trip up to Kootenay Lake in BC. The fish count on bigger bows was 11 trout from 13-19 LB. Read the article here
Just Ask John
Just Ask John - One of my buddies fancies himself a writer and sent us this story of his introduction to brown trout fishing...
Glacier Park Report
Glacier park Report - I have on a couple of occasions in the past ten years had some really memorable vacations. Back in 2006, I took my wife, Jan, and oldest grandson, Colin, to Yellowstone Park and it was a monumental trip we will never forget. This year was similar...
Kootenay Komeback
Kootenay Komeback - I fell in love with the pursuit of the giant gerrard rainbow trout back in 1990 on my first visit to Lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho. I was prompted by reading an article about these monstrous trout in an old copy of Outdoor Life back in the early 1980's. I knew I had to take a shot at catching one of these oversize salmonides some day...
Wallowal Lake 2010
Wallowa Lake Revisited - We all know that Wallowa Lake is yielding some of the hottest fishing in the world right now! Follow TTG owner Rick Arnold as he tries his own hand at Wallowa..
Brownbaggers Revival
Brownbagger's Revival - Back in the early 80's after a positive change in the direction of my life, I got interested in fishing again. Specifically, I got fired up about catching brown trout...BIG brown trout!...
A Big Brown Story
A Big Brown Story - My Dad and had just made the trip up and wanted to get out with me on Wickiup. A friend and I had some great luck over the opening weekend and I was taking Dad out to hit some runs that had been productive for Darrell and I just a few weeks back...
Massive kokanee at Wallowa Lake
What's Going On at Wallowa Lake?!?! - Rick Arnold takes a detailed look at the incredible stream of record-breaking Kokanee coming from Wallowa Lake...
Ladder Fishing with Mike McNeilly
The Nuances of Pyramid Lake ladder fishing - Mike McNeilly writes an awesome, in-depth article on Ladder Fishing...
Gene's incredible Kokanee
Fisherman's Dream - Gene Thiel lands a potentially record-breaking Kokanee.
Vance with a large Yellowstone Cutthroat
Henry's Lake - Mike McNeilly and his buddy Vance head off to Idaho in search of Cutt-bows.
Pretty LCT from Omak...
Omak Lake (one of Washington's best kept secrets) - Rick and fellow trophy trout junky Joe Warren head off to Omak in search of big lahontan cutthroat.
Pretty stillwater rainbow...
Targeting Trophy Trout on the Fly in Still Waters - Scott Robertson covers the basics of chasing big trout on the fly. Many people think that monster trout can't be caught on the fly...not true! Scott gives you some ammo to chase the big boys on the fly!
Ready to swim off...
Trophy Trout Catch and Release Techniques - Trophy trout offer their own unique problems when it comes to catching and releasing them. Follow along as Mark from team TTG covers what needs to be done to take get these big fish heading back home in a good state of health.
Welcome Scott Robertson to Team TTG!
Welcome Scott Robertson to Team TTG - Fly angler and trophy trout specialist Scott Robertson will be helping us head up our new fly fishing portion of the site. Scott has many accolades including being selected as the captain of the USA Flyfishing team in 2006. Here is a brief bio to get to know him!
Lake Michigan brown trout!
Monster Trout #4 - Lake Michigan may be the best brown fishery in the nation. We traveled to see if the claims of giant browns over 10 pounds could be true. Follow along as Rick chronicles our trip to chase these awesome fish!
The state of art taxidermy
The State of the Art...Taxidermy - Taxidermy has come a long way over the years. Rick's Trophy Mounts has been responsible for mounting some beautiful fish. Read about techniques and history relating to the art of taxidermy.
Mark with a nice cutthroat from the recent trip...
Pyramid Lake Cutthroat - Team TTG met up with trophy trout specialist Brad Stout for a two day stint on Pyramid Lake. We specifically targeted big fish using a variety of techniques and managed a few nice fish.
John with a pretty Kootenay bow...
Kootenay Fall Gerrards - It is time for that shot at a giant Gerrard! Rick traveled to Kootenay this year instead of Pend Oreille in search of that 20 plus pounder. They didn't get into a 20, but did manage some decent fish...
Rick poses with Adam and Sean...and a huge 25 pound plus Diefenbaker rainbow!
Team TTG Travels to Lake Diefenbaker - We headed north to film for our third DVD in our "Monster Trout" series. We were a little skeptical of the Konrad's promise of 20 pound rainbows. Three days and 11 trout over twenty pounds later...we are believers!
18.6 pound rainbow for Gordon...
Two Old Farts Tangle with Big Trout - Trophy trout angler Gordon Hahn traveled over 1100 miles to Kootenay lake with his father and father in law....both over 80 years old! They did get into some quality fish...
Adam's story of his world record catch...
The World Record Rainbow Story in Adam's Own Words - Listen as Adam tells the story of his world record catch in an exclusive article for TTG. This is a must read!
The new WORLD RECORD rainbow trout!
New World Record Rainbow Trout Landed! - Canadian Adam Konrad has just landed the new All Tackle World Record Rainbow Trout! The beast weighed in at 43.6 pounds and sported a ridiculous 34" girth!
Mike Nielson and Rick with a nicer brown from the Tahoe shoot...
The Filming of the Tahoe DVD - A wide open brown trout bite with multiple fish over 6 pounds made this shoot one to remember. We joined guides Mark Wiza and Mike Nielson, two of the top guys on the lake to chase topline browns. The Tahoe fish are beautiful...and pull hard! Look for the completed DVD later this year.
One of the largest documented bulls in recent years... 18 pounds!
Monster Bulls...and I Don't Mean Elk! - Big changes are ahead for Oregon's Lake Billy Chinook. Read as Rick talks about the state of the fishery and how future management plans may impact this world class lake.
Making a Trophy Trout Wall
Making a Trophy Trout Wall - Few trophy anglers have caught as many monster trout, in as short a time as the Hahns. Read along as they tell their story, in their words, about how it all transpired. They went after rainbows, then browns, then macks...with giants from each species to the net. This is a must read!
Big rainbow for Jim!
A Tribute to Albert - On Dec. 7th this year, a day that lives in infamy because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I lost my son-in-law, Albert Juereca to cancer. He was married to my oldest daughter Stephanie and they have one son, Alec. He was a special person in my life and will be dearly missed.
Nasty weather ahead!
Pend Oreille 2006 - Sometimes weather determines the outcome of a fishing trip. This year's trip to Pend Oreille conincided with record rainfall and high winds. The main tributaries to the lake were blown out and much of the lake was unfishable unless you had a larger vessel.
Killer fall brown trout for Dan McAllister...
Fall Browns - There is something special about the fall. All of the cliches are true, crisp weather, fall colors, less people around, etc. Brown trout are starting to think about the spawn, which usually occurs November and December. Some really big fish have been caught in on!
A beautiful meadow along the hike...
Hike to Green Lake - Sometimes it is nice to take a break from the trophy fishing and "smell the flowers" for perspective. There are so many beautiful things on this earth to enjoy...don't let it pass you by!
The filming of "Angler West TV"
The Filming of "Angler West TV" - Relive the filming of the Angler West TV show. Rick had only 2 days to put the crew into some quality browns. Things started out very tough...and were not looking good until Rick stuck a nice 9 pound plus fish.
Nice brown from the 2006 opener...
Oregon/California Trout Opener Summary - While there weren't any monsters landed in either the California or Oregon openers, there were some quality fish. Check out this brief synopsis of what was caught and where.
Rick with a huge buck bull...
The Making of "The American Outdoorsman" - Rick will be featured on an episode of the American Outdoorsman television show, which airs nationwide via the Men's Channel and Sportsman's Channel. Travel along with him as he chronicles his adventure filming the show.
More bull!
Bull Trout Bonanza - More bull! We just can't get enough of these piscivors! They are big fish, they eat big stuff and pull like crazy. Read along as Rick talks about all things bull trout.
Beautiful brown trout
In Pursuit of Trophy Trout - This is an article that ran in Salmon, Trout, Steelheader a while back. It really gets the blood pumping. It is a perfect read for that cold winter day!
Winter Time Bulls
Winter Time Bulls - Check out this quick read on chasing bulls in the winter months. The colder months can offer solitude and beautiful conditions.
Flaming Gorge
Rick and Jan's Most Excellent Vacation - Visit with Rick as he takes you on a journey to the legendary Flaming Gorge Reservoir in pursuit of world class kokanee.
Flaming Gorge
Pend Oreille Revisited, 2005 - Read along as Rick details his adventures chasing monsters at Pend Oreille. This years big fish was "only" 11.5 pounds, a fish of a lifetime in most lakes, but only slightly above average at Pend Oreille.

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