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Product Review: Shimano Tekota 300 LC Reel
January 4, 2015

The Shimano Tekota 300 LC

The rod and reel are the two most important components in the fishing experience. In the 60 years since I started fishing, I have owned too many of each to remember them all but one I will never forget is this Shimano reel. I have been a Shimano Pro-staffer for many years now and have used a lot of their reels both in salt and freshwater models. The Tekota 300 LC stands at the top of them all in my book.

One of my favorite drills is working shallower water in spring and fall for brown trout. I like a reel that has a smaller profile but still has a lot of line capacity. In todays world of braided lines, you can get a lot of line on most reels because it is so much smaller than mono of a comparable pound test. In my system, I load with a mono backing and then using a uni-uni knot I put about 700-800 feet of Power-Pro 30 LB. which in the same diameter of 8 LB. mono. I finish up with a 75-100 foot top shot of fluorocarbon to complete my line set. This much line also allows me to work way out and back on the planer boards when I am pursuing the big gerrards of Kootenay or Lake Pend Oreille. These big bows can take over 500 feet of line on one run.....I have seen it!!

The advantage of a line counter is always knowing right where you are at all times.....I just donít like fishing without one anymore! Another great feature is the smooth drag that easily adjusts. I often back a drag down when I get a really big trout close. This reel has performed so well for me over the years, it is all I use on the downrigger and flatlining rods these days. The clicker is smooth but loud enough that when a big fish takes off, there is no mistaking that sweet sound..... a screaming drag!

I have owned a lot of them in the last dozen years and have had no issues with any of them. I usually have at least 4 rods with one of these reels on it with me at any time so I have had a lot of experience with them. At around $169-179 depending on where you shop, it is a good investment and I usually sell mine after 2-3 years to some of my friends who then get many more years out of them.

If you have some Christmas gift money burning a hole in your pocket, you should consider this great reel that will perform well for many years. You wonít be disappointed!

Tight Lines,

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