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The Fishinggeeks Revival

A massive 30 Lb. bow! Diefenbaker is the lake.

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The quest for “The fish of a lifetime.

Sean and I have been guiding for the past 5 years now, hunting the world’s largest rainbow trout, and the hidden monster browns of Diefenbaker. It wasn't till a few years back that we have really zoned in on the monster browns of Deif. It is hard and grueling hunting for these monsters but this is not just fishing; this is fishinggeeks fishing. With rainbow trout weighting close to 50 lbs., and browns reaching almost 40 lbs.; the possibilities are definitely out there.

Our clients this trip were Mike Sadar and Jim Schmidt. Mike and Jim have been fishing with us for about 4 years now. We look forward to our monster hunting with them every year. To date, Mike`s Personal best Rainbow with us is 38lbs, and Jim's weighed in at 28 lbs.

Sept 19 2013.

I`ll try to make this short and sweet, the fishing last night was nothing short of ridiculous. We started the day out trolling some cranks. Landing a nice 8 lb. rainbow we broke the ice fairly fast. Sean and Mike started hitting the fish hard, landing 6 walleye, then breaking into a nice 10 lb. male rainbow. With a quick picture and release, they were back at it with 2 more small rainbow lbs. and 4 lbs. Mike hooked into a nice 73 cm walleye. With a few quick pictures for a possible IGFA release record, they were putting Jim and I to shame.

Jim and I switched over to bait knowing the monster rainbow will be lurking and it will be worth the wait. It wasn't long till Jim and I hooked up. Our heated next 2 hours was fast and furious. Starting with a 6 lb. walleye, then a 72 to 73 cm walleye. We were getting ready for Jim's IGFA release record over mikes, earlier that day.

After quickly placing the walleye in the live-well, we got our bait back out. Instantly the rod buckled over and after a short fight we landed a 8 lb. bow. Releasing it as quickly and as gentle as possible and got back at it. Almost instantly we were hooked up again - 6 lb. bow. Our time for our walleye measurement was going to have to wait as the trout were on the feed.

Within a few minutes Jim's rod took a big hit, and then it came; the "line peeler". Lifting anchor, the chase was on. After a grueling 15 min battle, we boated a decent bow at 17 lbs. Sean and Mike sitting stunned - it was our turn. Releasing the 17 lber; the night was just heating up.

Measuring and releasing the walleye punching out 72 cm; Jim's live release will have to wait. We Radioed over to Sean and Mike "only 72cm". A slight a chuckle from Sean and Mike whispering “small small”.

A few hours snuck by with a “lull” which gave us some time to organize and regroup. Repositioning, Mike was hooked up - this is when the big boys came out to play. Mike hooking into a beast trout and the chase was on. This was definitely a picture worthy fish (20lbs or so). The pictures started snapping and the release immediately after. Throwing a crank, Jim and I had a bad tie and an estimated 15 lb. bow got the best of us and swam away with our crank; which was a good thing because Jim got hit hard right after and the night fish was on once again.

Lifting anchor the fish took off towards Sean's boat. Craziness came into play, Mike felt his line start tangling. Reeling in quickly, Sean got out the knife and started cutting mikes line, holding Jims line over his boat and feeling the brute on the other end Sean called out "Monster". Regaining our position, we started gaining ground on the brute. Then up from the deep came the shine of a possible 30+. A quick scoop and the fish was in the net – a beautiful 26 lb. tank. Being picture worthy. we brought him to shore keeping the beast breathing. After that release, the bite died and our night came to a close.

Looking forward to a fast paced 2nd day, we headed out with high hopes. Again hitting into the fish fast and hard. Landing walleye left and right, we were after the big boys so no pictures unless it is over 70cm. Mike, now with me, hooked into a “line screamer”. A nice 10 min fight and we netted the bow estimated at lobs. After a few pictures and the release, we got back at it.

Meanwhile Jim's luck turned south and lost 2 nice trout back to back. Our fishing now took a hit as the wind turned from rough to a nasty 25 plus mph and the trout bite shut down. Working hard all night, we managed lots of walleye and a bonus 17 lb. pike.

Coming into day 3, we knew the bite would be tough. We started by changing crank colors and sizes to try and entice these monsters. The night started just like the previous days; walleye after walleye, after walleye - 6 lbs. 4 lbs. etc. etc. Mike was once again with Sean and they were hitting the walleye hard. Jim and I were bait fishing hoping for a monster bow. Then it happened a 6 lb. bow on a fast paced crank.

Changing tactics we switched up. Hitting the fish hard, we were weeding threw the trout looking for that monster - 6 lb. bow, 4 lb. bow, 11 lb. walleye, 8 lb. rainbow, 10 lb. walleye, 12 lb. rainbow, 6 lb. rainbow, 4 lb. rainbow. Working hard we kept up. Within the span of 3 hours boating 6 Rainbows and countless walleye, the bite died and the monster bows eluded us again.

Day 4 It was Mike, Jim and Sean all in one boat, as I took off for home, getting on the water a good feeling was in the air as the wind died to a whisper. Mike hooked into a nice 10 lb. trout fairly soon and after a nice fight the trout spit the hook right at the boat. Keeping at it the fishing was slow. Landing a few walleye. Sean knew it was just the "quiet before the storm". 2 hours passed then the trout bite kicked into high gear. Again like the first night the next 2 and a half hours was going to be chaos. Jim hooked into a 8 lb. bow and mike right after with a 4 lber. And a couple walleye to boot. Sean new the bite was hot so decided to switch to bait.

It wasn't long before mike got hit hard. No time to react, the fish grabbed and ran. Line screaming and not stopping; Sean went to chase the brute down. As the seconds ticked by, mikes line was quickly peeling off. Anchor up, the motor was needed to gain on this fish. The fish started to tire and came up to show itself. Sean seen the shine of the fish and knew it was one of the slobs they were hunting for. The fish finally turned on it`s site and was exhausted - A beautiful 28 lb. monster.

Trying to keep the fish breathing and in the water to revive; it was to no use as the fish had done his last fight. After pictures and a release the fish went sideways and wouldn’t go. Sean and Jim headed out as Mike stayed ashore trying to revive the big bow. Jim got into a nice walleye instantly 10 lbs., then a 8 lb. bow. Mike was ready to head out again after 30 min the fish would not swim. This one will be sent to Rick at Trophy trout guide for a mount. Out fishing again the bite died and the trip was had come to an end.


Sean and i will be booking for the 2014 season, limited spots are available. Please contact Adam at for pricing and details.

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