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Central Oregon Fishing Report
September 21, 2015

The best of the trip was pushing 6 LB. She is starting to get more colorful as fall is kicking in.

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After our coast trip last week, I had a lot to do this week. After getting caught up, I was finally able to get out on Fri.

I did get a call from Steve Kroll who was out on Crescent the previuos week and he said it was super slow......not much on the graph and no bites. I am done with Wickiup for the year and with the water this low, I would have a tough time getting my boat in anyway. It is the lowest I have ever seen it in over 20 years I have been here. At 19,704 acre feet out of 200,000 acre at full pool, it is now down to under 10%.....not a good scenario for the spawn of the browns or kokanee this fall. After getting through the Dr. and Dentist appointments that morning, I got to the lake a little after 1:30 and was surprised to see an algae bloom still going on. The graph was showing everybody still in the thermocline so it hasnít broken down yet. Surface temps were running around 63 degrees in the flat and heated up water from the afternoon sun. Most of the trout were holding at 30-45 feet. It was disappointing to be dragging your stuff around in a bad bloom but it doesnít really effect the fishing when you are down deeper.

The first brown was a dinker around 2 Lb. that hit around 3 p.m. at 40 feet and released just fine. Around 4 p.m. I got the better trout of the day that was just a little over 4 hit at 35 feet. It was a coin toss about staying over for the morning drill. I had my bed in the back of the truck and the other half of my Subway was on the dinner menu. I decided to stay and see if the morning would kick in some better action.

I was up at first light and didnít have a bite until 9:30. It was the only trout that morning before I had to get home around noon. The colorful hen was caught at 35 feet and was pushing right around 6 LB. After a photo op with her I slid her back to get a little bigger.

This coming week, I will be meeting Vince up at East for a long weekend and our last trip of the year together......check back for the report!

Screaminí Drags,

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