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Shock and Awe: Monster Browns!
May 26, 2015

Doesn't get any better than this! Adam with his PB male brown. Weighed in at 27 LB. and was 35 X 25! What a beast....congrats man!

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Many of you know the story of how I meet the Fishinggeeks right after Adam caught the 43.6 LB. World Record rainbow back in 2007. Mark K. and I were soon on a flight up there to tackle some of the monster Diefenbaker rainbows and film our 2nd Monster Trout DVD. It turned out to be a trip I will never forget!

Fast forward to May 2015 and Sean and Adam have now made quite a name for themselves targeting huge fish all over North America and Canada. They have, over the past few years, figured out how to target some gigantic brown trout. Just the other day, I get a FB message and some photos from Adam. They had caught some massive browns with 2 going over 20 LB.!! Adam said he would get back to me soon with the story. As told by Adam, here it is.......

Ever since Sean and I started chasing the fat rainbows of Diefenbaker, we have had many days on the water that will never be forgotten. With over a dozen IGFA World Records, and 3 All Tackle World Records, Sean and I got to experience a recent bite that in our eyes, dwarfs them all.

Over the past 4 years Sean and I have been focusing on targeting the "ghosts of Dief", the rare brown trout. The largest brown we know of was speared in 2004 and weighed in at 38 lbs.

Diefenbaker is just a reservoir of the south Saskatchewan river, down stream of the famous Bow River which holds natural reproducing brown trout. The few that make there way down stream end up in our territory now and grow to massive proportions.

Over the past 4 years we have caught the odd brown trout with the biggest weighing just over 20 lbs. These browns have a structure like no other you will find in the world. The kings of the system are the hardest fish to catch, and this is exactly the fish the fishinggeeks love to target. After catching these browns and learning their ways we have figured out patterns that help us hook into these monsters.

On May 6th, Sean and I got to Dief and had to fight against 50km winds. It didn't take long to hook our first fish. After a 6 min fight, the fish finally spit the hook out, no visual of the fish but I knew I had lost a monster. Another 10 min passes and then another bite. Our first fish turns out to be a 15 lb. rainbow. The bite is heating up and we get back at it. It was crazy....we landed 4 more fish in 30 min......the action was surreal, a 20 lb. rainbow, 10 lb. rainbow, 6 lb. brown, and then a 21 lb. male hookjaw brown!

After pictures and some video of our biggest brown to date, he is quickly released. We wanted our chance at the king. After the hot half hour bite we sat back, quietly waiting. An hour passes with no bites. Letting a few more yards out, my crank gets smashed. As I set the hook, I could feel solid weight against my rod. The fish quickly started to rise and jumped clear out of the and huge is all I saw!

Fights like these are intense as the fish usually spits the hook in the first few minutes if it does get off. I hang on and keep the line tight on it because, in my gut I know, this is the biggest brown I've ever hooked! As it sat under the boat, all I could do was keep the pressure on him. After 15 mins pass, Sean finally gets the net under the massive brown! He weighed in at 27 lbs. and is the biggest, craziest brown I have ever seen! As Sean and I usually release every brown, we decided to keep this one to send down to Rick for a proper replica mold. A fish of these proportions is needed to actually mold it and capture all the details, the mass of the body, and giant set of jaws!

Back at it again, we managed 2 more browns of 11 and 15 lbs. Time passed so quickly but our memory of this night will never be forgotten! The most epic time fishing yet again on the mighty Diefenbaker.

Adam Konrad

If you would be interested in a guided trip with them, be sure to check out their website here: and also like and follow them on Facebook.

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